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HOEGERT мерни ливчиња, 9 парчиња, 0.04-0.3mm HT8G330
Characteristics used for precise positioning and checking the gap width: e.g. electrical ..
230 ден.
без ДДВ: 195 ден.
HOEGERT мерни ливчиња, 31парче,  0.038-0.889mm  HT8G331
Characteristics used for precise positioning and checking the gap width: e.g. electrical ..
470 ден.
без ДДВ: 398 ден.
HOEGERT пневматски пиштол 1/2", 1500Nm  HT4R623
Product description The tool is widely used in garages, tyre service and mechanical workshops. Us..
9.640 ден.
без ДДВ: 8.169 ден.
HOEGERT пневматска крцкалка, 1/2", 61Nm  HT4R630
Characteristics intended for heavy-duty works in vulcanization and automotive plants; ensure..
2.590 ден.
без ДДВ: 2.195 ден.
HOEGERT пневматска дупчалка HT4R635
Characteristics intended for workshop and renovation works; for drilling holes with a maximu..
1.999 ден.2.570 ден.
без ДДВ: 1.694 ден.
HOEGERT пневматска полирка, права HT4R650
Characteristics used in automotive services and industry, intended for cutting, polishing and ..
1.640 ден.
без ДДВ: 1.390 ден.
HOEGERT пневматска полирка, аголна HT4R651
 Characteristics used in automotive services and industry, intended for grinding even and..
2.599 ден.3.230 ден.
без ДДВ: 2.203 ден.
HOEGERT ударен продолжеток 3/4", 250mm  HT4R316
Charakteristics: 3/4” drive; made from high-quality CrMo alloy steel for an extended life; ..
1.550 ден.
без ДДВ: 1.314 ден.
HOEGERT пиштол за воздух (200mm)  HT4R751
Characteristics 200-mm nozzle; max. input pressure: 116 BAR/ 8 PSI; nozzle orifice: 2.5 mm..
490 ден.
без ДДВ: 415 ден.
HOEGERT пиштол за чистење HT4R755
Product description A cleaning (washing) gun for general use. mainly in sheet-metal working, as wel..
680 ден.850 ден.
без ДДВ: 576 ден.
HOEGERT ниско-профилна хидраулична дигалка 2Т ( крокодил )  HT8G004
Characteristics: made of high-quality materials; reinforced structure; TÜV certificate; ..
4.599 ден.5.400 ден.
без ДДВ: 3.897 ден.
HOEGERT клуч за вентили за пневматици HT8G317
for service valves in refrigeration and air conditioning; for Schreder valve and inner tube val..
210 ден.
без ДДВ: 178 ден.
HOEGERT клешта за затегање со продолжена равна челуст HT1P384
Product description Elongated locking pliers with straight jaws for work with products in flat shap..
590 ден.
без ДДВ: 500 ден.
HOEGERT пневматски пиштол 3/4", 1800Nm, Twin hammer HT4R625
Characteristics 3/4" TWIN HAMMER drive; max. operating torque: 1800 Nm; max. torque: 2400 ..
14.460 ден.
без ДДВ: 12.254 ден.
HOEGERT клуч за ламбда сонда HT8G323
Product description  The key for replacing lambda probes. A special window in the cap enable..
400 ден.
без ДДВ: 339 ден.
HOEGERT клуч за ламбда сонда HT8G324
Product description  The key to replace the probes, a special window in the cap allows the a..
440 ден.
без ДДВ: 373 ден.